None Suffer Lack Initiative

The world is experiencing economic times that are none like many of us have ever seen.  People all around us are losing their jobs, homes, and retirement savings at an alarming rate and many are in a state of panic and despair. We have recognized that this is a time where we all need to get back to the true spirit of community. 

 Kingdom Impacting Christian Center (KICC) located in Fayetteville, GA under the leadership of Pastor George Dorton III has been called into action to play their part in igniting the spirit of community in Fayette and Clayton County via the None Suffer Lack Initiative.  The None Suffer Lack Initiative consists of  a group of coordinated food, clothing, and supply distribution drives and giveaways that takes place in various areas around Fayette and Clayton County making use of the excess resources of local citizens and business.  Our goal for this initiative is that it will spread to counties throughout the Metro Atlanta Area and ultimately across the nation.


Get Involved

Imagine being the answer to someone's prayer who was desperately trying to figure out how they were going to feed their children and had no clue as to where their next meal was going to come from or someone who may have lost electricity in their home and needs a few more blankets to keep themselves warm.  Believe it or not there are families expecting children who have just lost their jobs and no longer have the means to purchase a crib but the crib in your garage would be the best thing in the world to them right now.

Some people feel as if their current economic condition disqualifies them from being able to be a blessing to others because they may feel that they are barely making it themselves.  Alone this may be true, but when groups of families begin to take a closer look around their homes and donate an extra can of food here or some clothes there that you or your children no longer wear what happens is that these different contributions begin to add up very quickly.

Today it is someone else but tomorrow it very well can be someone that you know or even yourself who has need of these goods and services.  What you have alone may not be enough to take care of your own family but if we come together we can provide a number of         resources to many people in need in our community!


None Suffer Lack Distribution Events

None suffer lack distribution events will take place in different areas throughout Fayette and Clayton County.  Log on to for dates and locations of the next None Suffer Lack event.

We always need volunteers at the None Suffer Lack Distribution Events if you are interested in volunteering please contact us.


 Items for Distribution



Canned Goods

Personal Items

Baby Supplies










     (no formula)

  Clean adult and child clothing







  Canned Meats


Dry Foods


Educational Supplies

Soup mixes
Sauce & gravy mixes
Rice & rice mixes
Pasta & pasta mixes
Mac and cheese
Instant potatoes
Hamburger, chicken, or tuna Helper
Coffee (ground & instant)
Pancake mix
Crackers & cookies

   Sleeping bags
















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