If you do not live within a driving distance and do not have a church home, we invite you to become an E-Member. We have many people who are located outside of the Atlanta area who listen to us via internet, radio, and partner with us. Some give faithfully in their tithes and offerings and consider Kingdom Impacting Christian Center to be their church home. If you would like to go deeper in your relationship with Kingdom Impacting Christian Center and the ministry of George Dorton, then E-membership is for you!

What are the benefits of becoming an E-Member?

The covering of a church. There is a spiritual covering that abides when you are part of a church that the gates of hell cannot prevail against (Matthew 16:18 )! The prayer covering of our pastoral staff. In Acts 12, you see how the effective prayer of the church brought about Peter's supernatural deliverance from prison. As an e-member, you will be apart of a church that prays for you to experience freedom and victory in life.

  • A sense of belonging to a church family.
  • A sense of purpose, the opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.
  • A sense of agreement and the resulting power that comes from that agreement (Matt. 18:19).
  • The opportunity to be connected to an anointed body of believers and to receive the same anointing that is on this ministry.
  • Access to anointed teachings from the Word of God right on our website.

The E-Member's Responsibility

Membership means partnership, and partnership begins with participation. As an E-member , you are partnering with the vision of this ministry to change lives, reach nations and build the church.

The E-Membership Covenant Agreement

Having received Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior and being in agreement with the vision of Kingdom Impacting Christian Center, I commit myself to God and to KICC as an E-member, and I agree to partner with KICC in the following way:

  • Share the responsibilities of being an E-Member
  • By praying for my Pastors -Hebrews 13:7
  • By sharing with others and bringing them to Jesus-Luke 14:23
  • By listening to the teachings and be a doer of the Word, not a hearer only-James 1:22
  • I will support to the vision of my church as an E-Member-Proverbs 29:18
  • By faithfully giving financially through your tithes and offerings-Malachi 3:10-11, 2 Corinthians. 9:6-10
  • By living a Godly life is that is pleasing to God-Romans 12:1

How Do I Become an E-Member of KICC?

To become an E-Member of KICC simply send an email directly to Pastor George at pastordorton @yahoo.com containing the following information:

First Name:

Last Name:




Zip Code:

Phone #

Email Address:

Date of Birth:

Brief Description of Why You Have Decided to Become an E-Member of KICC:


We welcome you as an e-member and consider you as a part of our family!

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